Minutes from March and a Meeting in April!

April_ RIPE

Our March meeting went a little something like this:

  • We talked about needing to have a sheet with the prices of the venues.
  • Venues discussed were Artist Exchange, the old Perishable space, Matthewson Street Church, William Hall Library, and Path Auditorium.
  • The idea of a statewide New Play Festival was brought up.  Something that would be open to local playwrights and the idea of piggybacking either the Providence Improv Fest or RI 48 hour FIlm Fest were mentioned.
  • Matthew Andre wanted everyone to be aware that he is available as a dramaturg as he is trying to obtain his Masters in the field and really needs the experience.  His email is mradragon@comcast.net

How about we set an April meeting for Monday April 29 at 7pm at the Wild Colonial. Grand. See you there!