Auditions Cancelled! Let’s Take Off the Summer!

Dear Rhode Island,

It looks like we couldn’t drum up enough interest in general auditions this year, though last year was a huge success. We are officially canceling the 2014 auditions. We’ll work on making it happen next year — if it’s still wanted.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to take off this summer from organizing. If people still want to meet and hatch plans, you certainly can. Also, people should still upload shows to our calendar, post to the facebook group, see shows, make shows, question things, and come up with solutions.

Watch this space for the next meetings, events, and goings-ons, but for now, have a great summer.

All the Best,

Rebecca Noon, Chief Advocate


The Rhode Island Performance Exchange (RIPE) is pleased to announce the second annual RIPE General Auditions for the Rhode Island performance community. The auditions will be held at 95 Empire in Providence on Saturday May 31 and Sunday June 1, 2014 from 10am-3pm, and are open to performers of all kinds who are interested in being seen by many of Rhode Island’s thriving theater companies.

“Last year’s Generals were incredibly successful,” said Generals organizer Leann Heath. “We had no idea if we’d get enough actors or companies and in the end, we had a completely full day with a waiting list and over 25 companies coming to see actors.”

Intended to bridge the gap between companies and performers in Rhode Island, the 2014 General Auditions will be expanded into a two-day event where any actor who wishes can sign up for a slot by emailing or calling RIPE. RIPE gives the performer five minutes to do anything to showcase his or her talents, with singers attending on June 1 and non-singers on May 31.

“Last year we saw many excellent singers and performers,” said RIPE Chief Advocate Rebecca Noon “but not every company is looking for singers. This year we are offering two days so that we can make space for people who may not sing, but may want to come in with all kinds of other talents — stand-up comedy, modern dance, juggling, and, yes monologues.”

Companies who have signed up to watch the auditions so far will be representatives of 2nd Story Theatre, Counter-Productions Theatre Company, playwright David Eliet, Epic Theatre Company, Four Frogs Productions, GCole Productions, Mixed Magic Theatre, OutLoud Theatre, Strange Attractor Theatre, Trinity Repertory Company, and The Wilbury Group. Each company will have the opportunity to collect the headshot and resume of every person who auditions, and will use that information to cast throughout the rest of their season.

Movers, dancers, singers, musicians, comedians, actors, professionals, amateurs of any age or type are encouraged to audition. To sign up or to learn more, email Leann at or call 401-680-0683. If you would like to watch the auditions in order to hire Rhode Island actors in the future, email Rebecca at for more information.

Minutes from March and a Meeting in April!

April_ RIPE

Our March meeting went a little something like this:

  • We talked about needing to have a sheet with the prices of the venues.
  • Venues discussed were Artist Exchange, the old Perishable space, Matthewson Street Church, William Hall Library, and Path Auditorium.
  • The idea of a statewide New Play Festival was brought up.  Something that would be open to local playwrights and the idea of piggybacking either the Providence Improv Fest or RI 48 hour FIlm Fest were mentioned.
  • Matthew Andre wanted everyone to be aware that he is available as a dramaturg as he is trying to obtain his Masters in the field and really needs the experience.  His email is

How about we set an April meeting for Monday April 29 at 7pm at the Wild Colonial. Grand. See you there!

March Meeting!

ripe_marchThe February meeting was mighty. We met at the lovely Mathewson Street Theatre and talked about the General Auditions (happening May 31 and June 1!), the podcast this spring (March, April, May!), and perhaps a new Speaker Series? We also had some great questions about how to get a bigger crowd of actors at auditions, the best way to find space in the state, and how to get reviewers at your show.

We scheduled the March meeting for Sunday March 16 at 6pm. Let’s make it at Wild Colonial just to be social. March can be so funky. See you then!

February Meeting!

febRIPEWe had a little snowstorm when we were meant to have a RIPE meeting (alas). Our February meeting is happening on Sunday Feb 9 at 6pm. We’ll meet at the Mathewson St Theatre in downtown Providence (at the top of the Mathewson St Church). We’ve gotta talk about the 2014 RIPE General Auditions, Podcasts, and I bet a bunch of other stuff, so hope to see you there!

Notes from December Meeting and a January Meeting Scheduled!

acorn squashVery few people (including yours truly) could not attend the December meeting (go figure), but reports tell me that a couple of folks met at the Wild Colonial and talked shop until the Quiz People pushed them out. The big thing that came out of the meeting was a need for a site where people can post info on spaces good for performance, rates, size, etc. Well, friends, I have been building such a page. It needs more input from you and others like you, but it does indeed exist.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday January 22, 2014 at 6:30pm. Looking like AS220 right now, but I’d love to go someplace else if anyone has any thoughts. Check the facebook invite here and have a good holiday!

Notes from November Meeting and a December Meeting Scheduled!


Our November meeting was a lively Sunday evening discussion at the Wild Colonial, mainly dedicated to some ideas around various people who we could get to come chat to RIPE about things like funding options. This led to thoughts around alternative ways to get projects done — ie, traditional funding sources vs artist collectives that seem to have space and make stuff happen. This also led to questions around board development, tax experts, and time banks. When all the dust settled, I think we could put on an awesome series of talks around the following subjects:

  • Dispelling funding myths from granters
  • Art collectives in Olneyville talking about how they make work work
  • A tax expert who can talk to us about complicated artist taxes made simple
  • Someone who can talk to us about good board development

We also have tentatively set the dates for the 2014 General Auditions. Stay tuned for details.

We for sure set the date for the next meeting: Sunday December 8, 5:30pm at the Wild Colonial in Providence. See you there!

Notes from October and a Meeting in November!


Our October Meeting was all about running your own company. Everyone in attendance runs a small company and so we had lots of chats about incorporating, money-making, paying yourself vs paying the people who work for you, etc. All that awesome fun stuff that you never knew you would care about until you started caring about it.

Additionally, we heard about the Providence Improv Guild‘s very exciting environmental immersive psychologically scary Halloween play coming up around the corner. Buy your tickets and read more about it here.

Our November meeting is Sunday November 10 at 5:30pm at The Wild Colonial (old skool). Come chat it out!

October Meeting and Notes from September!


octoberOctober Meeting is scheduled for Sunday October 13 at 2pm, currently at AS220 unless someone has another suggestion.

September meeting was almost entirely devoted to the RI Teaching Artist Center (RiTAC), which is a very cool initiative being housed at the Gamm. Arik was hired to run the place and was full of info on the cool stuff they’re trying to do.

If you want to know more, for sure head to their kick-off event Monday October 7th. Doors open at 7pm. Event begins at 7:30pm. Where: The Gamm Theatre, 172 Exchange St., Pawtucket, RI 02860. Register here>

Also at the meeting was Neal Leahy who has a kickstarter going. It’s important to talk about these things because running a funding campaign ain’t easy but is necessary. If you have an extra dollar or thousand, send it Neal’s way!

September Meeting!

The September Meeting: WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 25 at 6:30pm at AS220′s FOO[d].

ripeArik has some news from the Gamm. The podcast is coming back and we need your in-put. Rebecca wants to put together a RISCA grant-writing workshop for theatre artists. What do you want to talk about?