Notes from November Meeting and a December Meeting Scheduled!


Our November meeting was a lively Sunday evening discussion at the Wild Colonial, mainly dedicated to some ideas around various people who we could get to come chat to RIPE about things like funding options. This led to thoughts around alternative ways to get projects done — ie, traditional funding sources vs artist collectives that seem to have space and make stuff happen. This also led to questions around board development, tax experts, and time banks. When all the dust settled, I think we could put on an awesome series of talks around the following subjects:

  • Dispelling funding myths from granters
  • Art collectives in Olneyville talking about how they make work work
  • A tax expert who can talk to us about complicated artist taxes made simple
  • Someone who can talk to us about good board development

We also have tentatively set the dates for the 2014 General Auditions. Stay tuned for details.

We for sure set the date for the next meeting: Sunday December 8, 5:30pm at the Wild Colonial in Providence. See you there!