April Meeting is in May!

Our March meeting was stupendous with nearly 10 or something people there to talk shop. We met at the fabulous Mathewson St. Church Theater and learned about everything those good folks are doing to begin renting the space to artists again.

Additionally we discussed:

  • The RIPE General Auditions which will now be June 1 at 95 Empire.
  • The podcast, which we encourage everyone to listen to and give feedback on.
  • The need for a social gathering of RIPE. A party, if you will. Perhaps over the summer in Barrington at the RISD Beach or something.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Sunday May 5 at 4pm and will be held upstairs at Roots — which is another of these super hidden black boxes downtown, dying for artists to decide it’s worth digging in and populating them again.